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  • We begin with a print of your application.
  • Our designers garner this information and quote tooling.
  • We manufacture to your exact specifications for use on manual or CNC equipment.
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Our Capabilities

This machine tool attachment mills full-depth keyways in through and blind bores without relief or open-end bores in one pass.

For use in:

  • Pumps
  • Aircraft Landing Gear
  • Impellers and Fans
  • Musical Instruments
  • Pharmaceutical Mixers
  • Elevators
  • Food Augers
  • Stub Shaft/Hubs
  • Electrical Motors
  • Harvesters and Farm Equipment
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Pulley and Rollers

We also partner with job shops and other machining firms to solve their difficult keyway applications.

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How Our Tool Works

  • Get a straight and accurate keyway milled in one pass.
  • Our milling equipment has been reliably used for a myriad of applications.
  • Learn to operate and maintain the tool for its full potential.
How Our Tool Works

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Mill blind keyways without relief

Faster and more economical than EDM

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Adaptable to CNC

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