Step One

We begin with a print of your application

Information we need:

  • W – Width of keyslot
  • B – Work piece bore diameter
  • D – Depth of keyslot, if measured thru center of cut.   – or –
  • E – Depth of keyslot, if measured at edge of cut. 
  • O – Overall depth of cut, measured from bottom of slot to the opposite wall of bore.
    • O equals B plus D.

Bore Measurement

Step Two

Our designers garner your information and design tooling which can operate in bores measuring from under ½”  to over 6” in diameter and to mill keyways from 1/16” to 2-½” wide. All metric sizes are also available.

Step Three

We manufacture to your exact specifications. For use on manual or CNC equipment


Manual Tool Video

CNC Tool Video