Operating Tips

  1. Always run a flood coolant over entire tool in operation.
  2. Keep all moving parts well lubricated.
  3. Never run tool in reverse.
  4. Never attempt to run tool in a tight bore – it must have a sliding fit.
  5. Always use proper safety glasses.
  6. Never hold stop rod by hand.
  7. Use appropriate feeds and speeds.
  8. Remember to loosen set screw prior to loosening brass nut.

Maintenance Tips

  1. Change driving pins as they become worn.
  2. Replace worn or damaged parts.
  3. Use thrust collars fitted for the cutter being used.
  4. After changing the pins, snug down the brass nut, then back it off until driving spindle turns freely. Tighten set screw.
  5. Keep tool clean and free of chips.